Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where I Live: Stockton, CA

October 16, 2007
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Sun-Diamond Growers of California is one of the largest specialty commodity producers in the world. Once described by a Business Week correspondent as a "corporate fruit-salad," the company is an amalgamation of five agricultural cooperatives--Diamond Walnut Growers, Sun-Maid Growers of California, Sunsweet Growers, Valley Fig Growers, and Hazlenut Growers of Oregon--who have pooled their distribution and marketing resources. By themselves, each member of the Sun-Diamond alliance is an eminent company in its own line of business; together, they form a megacooperative with significant marketing resources at its disposal.

Diamond Walnut is headquartered in Stockton. One of their brand names is Emerald Nuts. Here is a photo of trucks unloading walnuts:

The University of the Pacific is a private university in Stockton, California, . The university was originally chartered on July 10, 1851, in Santa Clara under the name "California Wesleyan College."

In 1871, the campus was moved to San José, and the college opened its doors to women, becoming the first independent co-educational campus in California. In 1911, the name was changed to "College of the Pacific" (COP).

In 1925, the campus relocated from the Bay Area to the Central Valley city of Stockton; it became the "University of the Pacific" in 1961.

Anyway, the water tower in the middle of the Stockton Campus was an eye sore. So eventually "Burns Tower", a building was built around the water tower. Here is a picture of the Burns Tower which still holds UOP's water supply.

The Port of Stockton is a major inland deep water port in Stockton, California located on the San Joaquin River before it joins the Sacramento River to empty into Suisun Bay, eighty miles inland. The port sits on about 1,440 acres, and occupies an island in the San Joaquin Delta, and a portion of a neighborhood known as Boggs Tract.

In 1846, the first cargo boat ascended the San Joaquin River. By the 1850s, the Port had become a center of commodity shipping and the supply center for the goldfields. By the 1860s, the region saw a decline in gold production and an increase in agriculture.

The Sikh Temple
Excerpted from:

gurdwara may be translated as Temple
"Since 1912, when the Stockton gurdwara was established, until next gurdwara came up, almost fifty-five years later, the Stockton gurdwara was the only beacon of light for all the Sikhs on the West Coast of USA. If someone had to go to the gurdwara, it had to be to Stockton. In time, many other gurdwaras have come up, in many other towns, but the Stockton gurdwara retains its unique status of being the oldest existing gurdwara in North America."

I lived 7 blocks from the Temple from 1947 and my parents did not move until 1998. Since I graduated from high school in 1961 and the second gurdwara in North America was not built until 1966. This was the ONLY gurdwara during my youth.

This photo was taken in 1915.

Sikhs, whose men wear turbans and beards, are often mistaken for Muslims. Sikhism, however, is a distinct religion that originated in India in the 15th century and draws on elements of Hinduism and Islamic Sufism. Family and moral purity are prime values; the union of each human spirit with God's is believed to end a karmic cycle of rebirths.
"This year (2004) Sikhs are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the revelation of their scripture and the opening of a Sikh Heritage exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

There is a relatively small number of Sikhs in the United States; estimates range from 190,000 to 440,000 (worldwide, there are 18 million, making it the world's ninth-largest religion). Their struggles and successes are noteworthy because they are shared by every minority faith that tries to retain distinct religious practices in a predominantly Christian culture."
I took the following photos yesterday. The "new" Temple was built in 1929:

More info about the Stockton Temple at their web site:

Theravada Buddhist Church
Wat Dharmararam Buddhist Temple

U.S. Census 2000
Compiled by Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD
1. Los Angeles--Riverside--Orange County, CA California - 36,233
2. Boston--Worcester--Lawrence, MA--NH--ME--CT Massachusetts - 17,301
3. Seattle--Tacoma--Bremerton, WA Washington - 12,391
4. San Francisco--Oakland--San Jose, CA California - 10,552
5. Stockton--Lodi, CA California - 9,313
Stockton - Lodi total population is less than 300,000.

About 95% of Cambodians belong to the Theravada sect of Buddhists.

Most Stocktonians do not know that this church exists. It is located in a remote almost rural section of southeast Stockton at 3732 E. Carpenter Road:

Chinese Confucius Church
Chinese Cemetery in French Camp

Oldest Jewish Cemetery in the West

Filipino Daguhoy Lodge
Directly across the street from the Daguhoy is the Thai Buddhist Church:

Stockton Mental Hospital was established in 1853. The first hospital for the mentally ill in California. The hospital was closed during Ronald Reagan's Governorship.
This was the Superintendent's Residence.

Genova Bakery

Union Railroad Station
Vietnamese Buddhist Church

Cathedral of the Annunciation 425 W Magnolia Street Stockton, CA 95203
A Cathedral of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton CA

Stockton Buddhist Church - Jodo Shinshu

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