Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Placing Google Maps in Blogs

2009 April 22 - Placing Google Maps in Blogs

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Okay I just uploaded a few images of this tall Aussie girl along with an image of an unrelated building.

I will place a Google Map of the location and address of the building after its image. The other photos are just eye candy.

Okay here is the building located in Washington, DC

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After I have loaded all of my photos. I switch from "Compose" to "Edit Html".

I then place a blank line between photos by hitting the "return key".

That way I can cut and paste the photos into the sequence that I want.
Then I triple space where I wish to embed the Google Map in the Blog.

You MUST be in "Edit Html" mode to properly embed a Google Map because the Link is a bunch of HTML code.

In another Window I have developed the map. Usually it is an entire Ride Route, but for this example it is just a spot location. I then "play with" the "Customize and preview the embedded map" in Google.

Once I have the map finalized I then Copy the link that is in the box "Paste HTML to embed in website". {note: While you are building your Blog the map within it will simply flash "loading". Ignore this. The map will show up when you View the Blog.}

After ALL of the images and maps are in place. I publish the Blog and view it without narrative.
When all is how I want the Blog without narrative I then Edit the Blog and write in the narrative and photo captions. Then I Publish the Blog again.

For those really familiar with Google Maps my Ride Route maps can be viewed with Street View and you can take a Virtual Ride. But some roads in Google do not have a Street View. I doubt if the one lane portion of Knoxville-Berryessa Road has a Street View. :-)


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