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2011 Jan 29 - Hon and Louie Lee

2011 Jan 29 - Hon and Louie Lee
Emerald Restaurant Closes
Stockton, CA

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I only recently regained contact with Hon Lee, although he has been back in Stockton for quite awhile now. But I was one of two people that he invited to this early dinner. Unfortunately all I have is a photo of the knee of the other guest.

Hon Lee's favorite Chinese Restaurant is closing it's doors at the end of January. So Hon has decided to have a "farewell dinner" there. It happens to coincide with the weekend that his younger brother Louie is visiting from Tucson, AZ where Louie currently lives and works.
Accompanying Louie from San Francisco is one of his sons.
Entering the Emerald

It seems like a lot of people are here today because of the closing of the Emerald. Many more than were expected since only the owner is at work. So the whole place became a one man show.
Son, Hon and Louie

Taking a booth. Hon had preordered his "usual".
Louie, Lee, Hon and son

We start with the Wor Won Ton Soup, I think. That is steam coming off the soup in the photo.
Lots of "stuff" in the soup

The Westlake Duck. This is a whole duck browned with a pound of pork butt and simmered in water. Then the duck is deboned and steamed and the sauce is a gravy of sorts with ginger, mushroom, etc.

Another dish is the special steamed whole rock cod.

Not sure what this is called but it is deep fried fish with broccoli and mushrooms.

Hon has the duck head and neck with a bunch of napa.

Here we are serving the rock cod.

Most of the duck is deboned except for the neck and head.

This is what is left of the duck.

Getting to ready to finish off the rock cod.

Son does not have the left overs but rather a whole roast duck to take back to San Francisco.
There were no left overs.
Here is the knee of the fifth member of the dinner party. I thought that I had another photo but alas I got caught up in eating.

Meanwhile Frankie shows up to eat his last meal at the Emerald.

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Flora said...

Hon Lee...all the women want to see you at our 50th reunion! ~flora young

Flora said...

not too late to sign up with Vernon Hayashida.